Forest House Interior

When you really want to get away from the city bustle and need to get new life power, such interior becomes a strong place to relax. We can immerse ourselves in the depths of natural elements, and find a new inexhaustible source of energy only with full reincarnation.
That`s why Forest House interior really deserves attention. It becomes ideal for people, who see something incredible in small things. The combination of pure white surfaces and the transition of ThermоAsh into the interior is designed with one integrated solution. It makes possible to combine the inner and the outer surface.
The project attracts with a simple and restrained kitchen, where will surely take place warm, pleasant conversations, completely invisible, but large dressing room, elegant bedroom and a minimalistic children’s room. And most importantly, all this is sustained in a single style.
The concept of an open atrium, which is in the general space and is visible from any point only finishes the composition.
The atrium will provide additional natural light and create a unique atmosphere of regardless in any time and season.
The cozy, relaxed and soothing atmosphere is created throughout the house due to the restrained artificial lighting.
Forest House Interior is a successful solution in architecture and design, since it is dominated by reserved decisions and the motives of nature. It can fully satisfy the tastes of every family member. They will feel calm and relaxed here in all times. What could be better? A constant surge of forces, unity not only with nature, but also with the psyche are precisely guaranteed.

LocationKyiv, UkraineArea195 m²Statusin progress

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